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Teak Dining Tables
At Impact Imports, we have a great selection of teak dining tables made from reclaimed and salvaged teak from Indonesia.  We have stock tables that are 36" wide and range in length: 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot, 7 foot and 8 foot.  The typical thickness of our teak tables is 1 ⅝".  You can custom order your teak dining table from Impact Imports as well.  We can have a teak dining table made to virtually any design / size.  Send us your requirements and let us get you a price!

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Teak Dining Table 3 foot x 5 foot with 4 legs

Teak Dining Table 3 foot x 5 foot with 4 legs
Dining table made from reclaimed old growth teak, 36" x 60" (3' W x 5' L x 1 ⅝" thick)


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